Welcome to WPMS 201 with Tom Woodward!

Hello and welcome to our much anticipated month-long workshop, WordPress Multisite 201 with Tom Woodward!

Maybe you joined us for WPMS 101 back in October 2022, or maybe this is the first time you’ve been able to participate in a Reclaim Hosting + Woodward WPMS production; either way, we’re stoked you’re here.

This workshop is going to be a bit faster paced than WPMS 101, and will cover more “high-level” multisite techniques and principles. While some tips and tricks may be immediately useful for you, the workshop as a whole is meant to help you understand what’s possible, and develop a strong problem-solving perspective for your multisite project.

Where do I find stuff?

  • Sessions will take place each week at https://watch.reclaimed.tech/wpms-201
  • Asynchronous conversations with other participants will happen in the #wpms101-201 Discord channel throughout the week
  • Office hours where facilitators will be active on the #wpms101-201 Discord channel at dedicated times will happen two days after each session at 12:30pm ET
  • Weekly posts will be released in Discord and on reclaimed.tech (oh hey, you’re already here!)


  • February 6th – 1 PM ET: Terms of Use, DMCA Takedowns and Other Things that go bump in the night
    • Office hours: Feb 8th – 12:30pm ET
  • February 14th – 1 PM ET: Customizing Onboarding – Building a better experience for new community members using Gravity Forms
    • Office hours: Feb 16th – 12:30pm ET
  • February 21st – 1 PM ET: Sustainable WordPress
    • Office hours: Feb 23rd – 12:30pm ET
  • February 28th – 1 PM ET: WPMS Master Admins Chat: We’ve Built It So They’ll Come
    • No office hours!

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