• Session 2: Manifold

    Session 2: Manifold

    Jojo Karlin joins the Reclaim EdTech team to tell us all about Manifold and her journey with digital scholarship and open publishing. This conversation touches on many of the benefits and successes of open publishing using a tool like Manifold, as well as what projects that use Manifold end up looking like! And then, of…

  • Session 1: Hedgedoc

    Session 1: Hedgedoc

    Taylor and Amanda kick off the Open Publishing Ecosystems flex course as Reclaim’s resident enthusiasts— not experts— of Hedgedoc, the collaborative Markdown authoring and editing platform. In this video they introduce the overall flex course concept before delving into the wonderful world of Markdown and how Hedgedoc does it oh-so-well. Session 1 Watch the session…

  • Welcome to Open Publishing Ecosystems!

    Welcome to Open Publishing Ecosystems!

    Publishing… but make it open! Reclaim EdTech is excited to introduce, or reintroduce, several open publishing tools and platforms that you can use to support your own personal, or institutional, publishing dreams. We’re most thrilled about the fact that these tools can be self-hosted, meaning the content that you’re publishing is truly yours! The best…

  • Session 4: Matomo

    Session 4: Matomo

    Taylor and Pilot chat all things analytics with Matomo, the open source alternative for understanding what’s going on in and around your site! Session 4 Watch the session 4 video here: Additional resources Thanks for splashing around with us!

  • Session 3: YOURLs

    Session 3: YOURLs

    Taylor and Meredith take a dip into the self-hosted URL-shortener application in Installatron called YOURLs in this bite-sized, 30 min session. Do you want a URL shortener that allows you to make short URLs from your own domain, change them on the fly, and more? Then YOURLs could be for you! Session 3 Watch the…

  • Session 2: Scalar

    Session 2: Scalar

    Pilot and Amanda wade into Scalar in today’s session. While neither of them are super familiar with this app, they do recognize how popular it has become amongst Reclaim Hosting users, and see how much potential it has for digital publishing. In this session they’ll go through how to install Scalar on your Reclaim Hosting…

  • Session 1: Omeka & Omeka S

    Session 1: Omeka & Omeka S

    Join Meredith and Amanda in this first session of Splashing Around with Installatron Applications as they splash around with Omeka and Omeka S. The Omeka suite is super popular with the Reclaim Hosting community, second only to WordPress, but there is still some mystery around how to manage it from cPanel. Meredith and Amanda are…

  • Welcome to Splashing Around with Installatron Apps!

    Welcome to Splashing Around with Installatron Apps!

    The time is here for Reclaim Hosting’s May 2023 Flex Course: Splashing Around with Installatron Apps. This flex course isn’t diving deep into all the apps available in Installatron, but making just a little splash with some of the more familiar and less familiar apps you can start exploring right away. We’re starting off with…

  • Session 3: The Future of Discord at Reclaim

    Session 3: The Future of Discord at Reclaim

    Taylor and Amanda wrap up Reclaim’s focus on Discord by reflecting on its impact on Reclaim EdTech Year 1, sharing some interesting statistics, and imagining ways to improve the team’s use of it going into Reclaim EdTech Year 2. Session 3 Watch the session 3 video here: Thanks for joining us! As always, thanks for…

  • Session 2: Exploring the possibilities and potential of Discord

    Session 2: Exploring the possibilities and potential of Discord

    Meredith and Pilot get together to chat about their own personal experiences with Discord. From casually connecting with friends and family to cultivating complex and interesting communities, Discord has made a big impact on Meredith and Pilot’s online interactions. Tune in to learn about how to set up your own server via templates, what some…