Welcome to Open Publishing Ecosystems!

Publishing… but make it open!

Reclaim EdTech is excited to introduce, or reintroduce, several open publishing tools and platforms that you can use to support your own personal, or institutional, publishing dreams. We’re most thrilled about the fact that these tools can be self-hosted, meaning the content that you’re publishing is truly yours! The best part about this flex course? We’re bringing the experts right to you. Don’t just take it from us; these tools are the real deal!

We won’t just be chatting about the tools, but the ideas surrounding open publishing as a practice as well. Reclaim EdTech loves getting into these discussions with our community, so we’re stoked to have you here.

Session 1: Hedgedoc

November 28th at 12PM ET

Ok, Taylor and Amanda are not experts on Hedgedoc, but they do want to kick this series off by chatting about this collaborative, open-source Markdown editor. Getting started with a good Markdown editor could make all the difference for your project.

Session 2: Manifold

December 5th at 12PM ET

Jojo Karlin from NYU Library’s Digital Scholarship Services serves as our expert on Manifold in this session, detailing this open-source journal publishing platform and what it can do for institutions looking to develop an open journal.

Session 3: Docsify-This

December 12th at 12PM ET

Docsify-This creator Paul Hibbitts shares his sleek, in-browser Markdown publisher that can be embedded just about anywhere.

Session 4: HAX

December 19th at 12PM ET

Bryan Ollendyke is the lead developer of HAX, the open-source authoring tool that lets you build fast, static-backed websites, that are ideal for publishing course content!

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