Terms of Use, DMCA Takedowns, and Other Things that go bump in the night

Don’t be scared of WPMS logistics; you got this, and we got you!

Welcome to the first session of WordPress Multisite 201 with Tom Woodward! Tom kicks things off this week with Jim and Pilot, taking a trip down memory lane to set the stage for how the logistical bones of both his and Jim’s early WPMS projects were made. Got WPMS-possibility anxiety? This week is for you!

Session 1

Watch the session 1 video here:

Additional resources

We dig Terms of Service big time in this session, and share a couple of examples from workshops participants who volunteered them ahead of time!

  1. Georgetown
  2. UMW
  3. SUNY Oneonta

Then Tom shows off a fantastic Web Accessibility guide from Rampages, which is an awesome resource!

To get a more comprehensive sense of the resources discussed here, check out Tom’s WPMS 201 – policy starter pack.

Don’t forget to check out the welcome post!

If you haven’t checked out the welcome post already, head over to there to check out the schedule times and descriptions. ⬇

☑️ For next week

We like checklists, so if you do too, here is your list to prepare for next week. These will be included at the bottom of each week’s post.

Share your institution’s WPMS Terms of Service with other participants by filling in this form. Once we get some submissions we’ll link to the answers in Discord. Sharing is caring!

Comment on other Terms of Service either from participants in this workshop, or examples you know of elsewhere in #wpms101-201.

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