Week 1: Hybrid Working Unpacked

In our first session, we’ll explore hybrid working and discuss the upsides and the downsides of in person and online collaboration. We will get you to check in with your own work habits and you’ll have the chance to complete the Hybrid Working Wheel, which is the first step to our Hybrid Working Roadmap.

Resources to inspire, explore and reflect on this week:

The Hybrid Working wheel can be found here.

Week 1 Q&A

After today’s session, we will have time for Q&A this Friday, October 28 at 11am ET in the #hybrid-working Discord channel. We’ll answer any questions you might have from our first session, share any specific aspects of hybrid working you are focused on, and explore any questions you bring to the discussion! 

Don’t forget to check out the welcome post!

If you haven’t checked out the welcome post already, we recommend you do that to check out the schedule and watch the intro video.

☑️ For next week

Here is your list to prepare for next week. We’ll include these at the bottom of each week’s post.

Have a look through the welcome post and the introductory resources linked there.

Read Rae Ringel’s When Do We Actually Need to Meet in Person? 

Think about what Hybrid Working looks like to you, and then share some snaps on the Hybrid Working SPLOT site

Complete your own Hybrid Working Wheel

Pssssssst, you can click those checkboxes above, and your browser's cache will remember what was checked when you return!

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