Week 2: Digital Tools in the Virtual Workplace

Welcome back for week 2 of Hacks for Hybrid Working! We want to first say thanks to everyone that participated in last week’s events. If you’re just now joining us, have no fear! You can catch up quickly by checking out last week’s post:

In this week’s session, we’ll be reflecting on our relationships with digital tools, particularly in the virtual workplace setting. We’ll be drawing connections between learning online and working online. As part of our roadmap, we’ll build on last week’s start and add tools and platforms used in hybrid working. If you’ve missed last week’s session, you can check it out here: watch.reclaimed.tech/hybrid-working

Session resources to inspire, explore and reflect on this week:

Week 2 Q&A

We will have a Q&A session on Friday, November 4 at 11am ET in the #hybrid-working channel in Discord. We’ll answer any questions you might have from the session 2 video, help get you started with your roadmap, and explore any questions you bring to the discussion! 

☑️ For next week

Here is your list to prepare for next week. 

Start your own Hybrid Working Wheel if you haven’t already

Make a list of the tools and platforms you use for hybrid working and add them to your Roadmap

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