Week 3: Hybrid Working Hacks Bonanza

We’re looking forward to Week 3 of Hacks for Hybrid Working! In case you need to catch up from last week, here’s last week’s post:

In this week’s session, we’ll explore a bonanza of hybrid working hacks. We’ll look at ideas for tools to use, team activities to try out and new things to explore to make your working day that 1% more comfortable. We’ll also invite you to share your own tips and hacks.

Session resources to inspire, explore and reflect on this week:

Week 3 Radio Q&A

Inspired by Reclaim Radio 2.0, this week we are having a different kind of Q&A session. We’ll still meet on Friday, November 11 at 11am ET in the #hybrid-working channel in Discord for folks that want to chat there. From there, we’ll also be heading on the airwaves, for a special edition of Hybrid Working radio. You’ll have a chance to experience radio in a hybrid working context, request songs… and of course we’ll pick up any questions and reflections.

☑️ For next week

Here is your list to prepare for next week. 

Add to your Hybrid Working Roadmap with a list of “hacks” for you and your team to try, based on your findings from this week.

Try out a new “hack” that you learned this week!

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