Welcome to WordPress Multisite 101 with Tom Woodward!

A long-anticipated event, the WordPress Multisite 101 workshop is here! We’ve been champing at the bit here at Reclaim to bring this to you in partnership with WPMS master admin, Tom Woodward.

Where do I find stuff?

Sessions will take place each week at watch.reclaimed.tech/wpms
Q&A time will happen at the end of each week in the #hangout-voice channel in Discord
Asynchronous conversations with other participants will happen in the #wordpress-multisite-101 Discord channel throughout the week
Weekly agendas, exercises, and activities will be released in Discord and on reclaimed.tech (oh hey, you’re already here!)


The WordPress Multisite 101 workshop will have weekly video releases on Tuesdays at 11am ET, as well as Q&A time on Fridays at 12pm ET. Here’s what we’ll discuss each week:

  • Week 1: The what and why of Multisite: A big picture exploration of Multisite advantages and limitations as aligned to specific project goals.
  • Week 2: Working with Multisite: Laying the groundwork for how to get your site behaving in ways that support your big picture goals without driving you crazy.
  • Week 3: Making Multisite work for you: Taking a look at deeper technical paths that allow you tweak WPMS to do exactly what you need.
  • Week 4: Managing the full WPMS life cycle: What happens when people leave? Are you prepared for 5 years from now? 10 years? What happens if you leave? Be prepared to keep your site and authors happy for years to come.

Tune your digital dials to watch.reclaimed.tech/wpms tomorrow at 11am ET for the big premiere, then swing back this way to catch the blog post full of recaps, resources, and next steps!

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