Session 1: Omeka & Omeka S

Omeka and Omeka S just want you to understand them!

Join Meredith and Amanda in this first session of Splashing Around with Installatron Applications as they splash around with Omeka and Omeka S.

The Omeka suite is super popular with the Reclaim Hosting community, second only to WordPress, but there is still some mystery around how to manage it from cPanel. Meredith and Amanda are demystifying Omeka during this session with some helpful cPanel tips and tricks, and getting you inspired with some really cool Omeka project examples happening in the Reclaim ecosystem.

Session 1

Watch the session 1 video here:

Additional resources

  • Carleton’s sample Omeka site:
  • Moving an Omeka instance from a manual update workflow back into the Installatron update workflow

Don’t forget to check out the welcome post!

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