Welcome to Splashing Around with Installatron Apps!

Sometimes you just gotta splash around!

The time is here for Reclaim Hosting’s May 2023 Flex Course: Splashing Around with Installatron Apps.

This flex course isn’t diving deep into all the apps available in Installatron, but making just a little splash with some of the more familiar and less familiar apps you can start exploring right away. We’re starting off with Omeka and Omeka S; two very popular apps in Installatron that we work with a lot at Reclaim that create and elegantly display digital exhibits. Then, we’re looking at Scalar, which is slightly less popular, but still commonly used, and helps users create dynamic, nonlinear publications. The final two apps we’ll explore in the last two weeks of the month are quite obscure; YOURLs and Matomo. These two apps are not content creation apps like the Omeka suite and Scalar, but, rather, are tools that enhance you existing content. If that intrigues you, be sure to tune in for the entire month!

Where do I find stuff?

Sessions will take place on each day at https://watch.reclaimed.tech/installatron-apps.

Update (5/15/2023)

Asynchronous chat will take place during the sessions and throughout the month in the #installatron-apps #flex-courses channel in Discord.


  • May 2 — 12pm ET: Omeka & Omkea S
  • May 9 — 12pm ET: Scalar
  • May 16 — 12pm ET: YOURLs
  • May 23 — 12pm ET: Matomo

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