Week 4: Exploring More Applications!

a wall of shipping containers

It’s the last week of Understanding Containers! Let’s try and run some stuff!

Session 4

In this last session of our Understanding Containers workshop, we’re going to run HedgeDoc, Baserow, and WBO.


Here is the link to HedgeDoc’s docker documentation:

Docker Image – HedgeDoc

I also mentioned that they have documentation for their environment variables you can use to configure the container:

Configuration – HedgeDoc

I ran into an issue where the scripts and stylesheets wouldn’t load. After the recording was over, I found out that I just had to set the CMD_URL_ADDPORT environment variable to FALSE. You can check out my working docker-compose file here as a reference:

Taylor’s Hedgedoc docker-compose file


Here is the link to Baserow’s documentation and the docker-compose file we will work from:

Install with Docker compose // Baserow

I also ran in to trouble with Baserow, this time with making an admin account after launching Baserow in the video. I found after Jim and I finished recording that Baserow didn’t like that I put a trailing slash at the end of my URL. I’ll share my working docker-compose.yml file as an example:

Taylor’s Baserow docker-compose file


WBO was relatively straightforward, and here is the URL to the GitHub repository we used:

Techbraintechnologies/wbo – GitHub

Docker Glossary

The Docker Glossary has reached its final form! Check it out!

Week 4 Q&A

We will have our last Q&A session again on Friday at 11am ET in the #understanding-containers-voice channel in Discord!

☑️ Week 4 checklist!

Get HedgeDoc working

Get Baserow working

Get WBO working

If you find another application you want to try to run, post it in the Discord so we can explore it as a group!

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