Week 2: Getting Started with Docker in Reclaim Cloud

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Welcome back for week 2 of Understanding Containers!

Session 2

This week we’ll talk about how to find containers to run on Docker Hub, and show you the various ways you can run the Nextcloud docker container!

Docker Glossary

The Docker Glossary has been updated to include docker-compose, docker run, volumes, bind mounts, and variables as well examples of a docker run command and a docker-compose.yml file and a “handy commands” section docker, and docker-compose commands. Pro-tip: you can hit the esc key to see an overview of the slides!

Week 2 Q&A

We will have our Q&A session again on Friday at 11am ET in the #understanding-containers-voice channel in Discord. See you there!

☑️ For next week

Run Nextcloud using a docker run command, based on what I did in the video and the documentation on Docker Hub. Don’t forget to map your ports, and define a volume!

After you get it running, stop the container! You’ll need to use docker ps as well as docker stop to do this.

Run nextcloud using docker-compose. For simplicity, let’s use my basic docker-compose.yml file.

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