Session 3: Advanced techniques!

This is the last session in our OBS series! This week, Taylor and Jim dive Green Screens, audio, lighting, and other more advanced techniques!

Session 3

Watch the session 3 video here:


There’s a bunch of software and gear mentioned in this week’s session, so here’s a list:


Continuity Camera: Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac

NDI Tools

Touch Portal – This is a phone based alternative to the Stream Deck that I forgot to mention in the video. It’s not as easy to use, but it’s still a handy tool if you don’t want to buy a Stream Deck.



Stream Deck – There are a bunch of different models but here is one of them. You can usually find them cheaper than the MSRP here.

Starting OBS with Virtual Camera automatically on macOS – Ok, this isn’t gear, but it’s Stream Deck related, so I’m putting it here. In this post, I detail how you can make a button on your Stream Deck that starts OBS and automatically turns on the Virtual Camera feature in one go.

Some mic recommendations:

A headphone / mic combo that makes a really nice sounding headset:


Green Screens:

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