Session 2: Creating Scenes

Welcome to the second session of our OBS series! This week, Taylor and Pilot dive into capturing your screen and audio as well as multiple creating scenes in OBS!

Session 2

Watch the session 2 video here:


The OBS knowledge base has an article on how Desktop Audio capture works on macOS:

macOS Desktop Audio Capture Guide |

If you want to use Taylor’s image files he used near the end of the session to add rounded corners and a drop shadow to your webcam, here are some image files you can use:

☑️ For next week

Set up a scene that captures your Desktop!

Set up a scene that captures your Desktop and includes your webcam in the corner!

Make a getting started scene! Include at least one image and some text. Bonus points if you share a screenshot, gif, or a short clip of what it looks like in Discord!

Pssssssst, you can click those checkboxes above, and your browser's cache will remember what was checked when you return!

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