Session 2: Using Ghost & Writing Your Newsletter

Hey there, welcome back for week 2!

Session 2

This week, Pilot and Taylor discuss the process of writing a newsletter as well as dive into the Ghost interface!

Watch the session 2 video here:

Resources to check out

Here’s a list of some of the resources we talked about in the video:

6 types of newsletters you can start today –

My #1 Slack Emoji Hack –

Newsletter checklist: A pre-publishing and post-publishing guide for new writers

It’s also probably worth pointing out Ghost’s own help site, which goes over a lot of the functionality available in Ghost.

Ghost Help Center

Note that Ghost’s paid product (where you pay them to host and manage your install, their equivalent to is called Ghost(Pro), so there is some stuff specific to that product in their Help Center, but the majority of the docs apply to the Open-Source version of Ghost we are using too, and they generally do a good job of mentioning when things will be different.

☑️ For next week

We like checklists, so if you do too, here is your list to prepare for next week. These will be included at the bottom of each week’s post.

Log in to your ghost install, if you haven’t already!

Publish a basic post to your site. Throw some text in there as well as a couple of images and/or gifs.

Try on a couple of different themes and pick one that you like. Maybe poke around the rest of the Ghost dashboard, and let us know in Discord if you have any questions!

Pssssssst, you can click those checkboxes above, and your browser's cache will remember what was checked when you return!

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