Session 1: What is Ghost?

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Hey there, welcome to week 1 of Running a Newsletter with Ghost. Let’s get started!

Session 1

This first session Jim and Taylor will talk about the strengths of Ghost as a newsletter and blogging platform and what we use it for at Reclaim. We also get Ghost set up on Reclaim Cloud so we can do more with it in the coming weeks!

Watch the session 1 video here:

Don’t forget to check out the welcome post!

If you haven’t checked out the welcome post already, head over to there to check out the schedule times and descriptions.

☑️ For next week

We like checklists, so if you do too, here is your list to prepare for next week. These will be included at the bottom of each week’s post.

Check out the welcome post, particularly if you don’t already have a Reclaim Cloud account.

Get Ghost installed!

Get a domain mapped to your ghost install! Be sure to ask questions in Discord if you need any help.

Pssssssst, you can click those checkboxes above, and your browser's cache will remember what was checked when you return!

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