Welcome to Newsletters with Ghost!

We can’t stay away! This month we’re running a flex course all about Ghost and self-hosting your own Newsletter. “But Reclaim,” you say, “didn’t you do that one already?” Yes, but that was over a year ago! The Ghost platform has grown and evolved a lot since our last flex course, so we’re declaring an honorary spooky season this spring and hosting a new one, where we’ll talk about Ghost – how we use it, how it’s grown and changed, and how our use of it has grown and changed.

Weekly videos are released every Tuesday from April 16th to April 30th at 12pm ET. You can also add each session to your calendar using the links below:

Where do I find stuff?

  • Watch each session as it airs at the Newsletters with Ghost watch site. If you can’t check out the sessions live, you can catch the recording as soon as the premiere is over!
  • Conversations with other participants will happen in the #flex-courses channel in Discord. If you haven’t joined our Discord yet, join here: reclaimed.tech/discord
  • Blog posts with more resources will be right here on reclaimed.tech. Check them out each week!

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