Week 4: Complete your Hybrid Working Roadmap

Welcome to the final week of Hacks for Hybrid Working! Here’s a quick link to last week’s post if you need a quick refresh:

We also really enjoyed hosting a special radio session for last week’s Q&A time! In case you missed out, you can check out the recording of that below:

Radio Session on Friday, November 11, 2022 with Maren Deepwell, Jim Groom, and Lauren Hanks

In our final session we are bringing everything together. We will use our Roadmap to check back in on the scores you gave each aspect of hybrid working in Week 1. Then we’ll look back at the digital tools from Week 2 and the hacks we shared in Week 3. Together with the snapshots of hybrid working you shared at the very beginning, you’ll have all parts of your roadmap ready to define a direction of travel for hybrid working.

Download your own copy of the Hybrid Working Roadmap!

Session resources to inspire, explore and reflect on:

Week 4 Q&A

We will have our final Q&A session on Friday, November 18 at 11am ET in the #hybrid-working Discord channel. We’ll answer any questions you might have from the session 4 video, help you progress your roadmap, and explore any questions you bring to the discussion!

🎉 Celebration!

Instead of our usual checklist for next week, we’ll celebrate our progress in our dedicated channel in Discord. 

Share something you’ve learned

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