Welcome to Building Community with Discord!

Hello and welcome to Reclaim Hosting’s April 2023 Flex Course: Building Community with Discord.

This Flex Course is all about Discord: Reclaim’s start with it, how we use it, what’s possible with it, and its future at Reclaim Hosting. Discord has become a fundamental aspect of all of our events here at Reclaim as it connects us with this community before, during, and after the experience. While we’re certainly not experts in Discord, we’ve learned some handy tricks along the way, and want to continue developing our use of it to better connect with our community going forward!

Where do I find stuff?

Sessions will take place on each day at https://watch.reclaimed.tech/discord.

Asynchronous chat will take place during the sessions and throughout the month in the #discord-community-building channel in Discord.


  • April 4 — 12pm ET: Building our Discord server
  • April 11 — 12pm ET: Exploring the possibilities and potential of Discord
  • April 18 — 12pm ET: The Future of Discord at Reclaim

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