WPMS Master Admins Chat: We’ve Built It So They’ll Come

We love hearing from these folks!

We’ve come to our final WPMS 201 session.

In this week’s session, Tom is joined by fellow WPMS Master Admins Shannon Hauser of UMW and John Stewart of Oklahoma University, as well as Reclaim’s own Lauren Hanks. These sages discuss how WPMS works in their own institutions, particularly in a broader Reclaim Hosting context such as WPMS versus Domain of One’s Own.

Session 4

Watch the session 4 video here:

Office Hour

There’ll be no office hour this week, as it’s the last week of WPMS 201.

While there’s no structured time scheduled for office hour questions, please do drop anything you’d like to know more about or discuss with the group in the #wpms101-201 channel. Remember, you’ve got access to this channel as a resource well beyond the conclusion of this workshop, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Discord stuff!

As you know, the real party is happening over in Discord. Here are some links shared during the premier you might want to refer back to:

Thanks for joining us!

While the scheduled WPMS 201 event may be over, this learning journey never ends. Our #wpms101-201 Discord channel is open for you to revisit, review, and post anew. We hope to keep this community connected so that we can all share resources, continue to ask questions, and tackle WPMS together!

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