Week 4: Managing the full WPMS lifecycle

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Session 4

We’ve reached the end of our month all about WordPress Multisite! We hope you’ve had as much of a blast as we have. Our grand finale talks about the evergreen question of WPMS admins: how to handle no-longer maintained sites. Tom and Amanda are joined by Christopher Silsby, master WPMS admin for Blogs@Baruch, to share his own perspective on handling the legacy of a long-standing multisite project. Tom finishes up the session with an in-depth explanation of how you can utilize native WPMS tools to handle deprovisioning and archiving.

Week 4 Q&A

We will have a Q&A session on Friday at 12pm ET in the #wordpress-multisite-101 channel and our #hangout-voice channel in Discord. We’ll answer any lingering questions you might have from the session 4 video, and answer any other WPMS-related questions you bring to the discussion!

Thanks for joining us!

While the scheduled WPMS 101 event may be over, this learning journey never ends. Our #wordpress-multisite-101 Discord channel is open for you to revisit, review, and post anew. We hope to keep this community connected so that we can all share resources, continue to ask questions, and tackle WPMS together!

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