Week 3: HTTPS & Mapping Domains

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Hey there! Welcome to week 3 of Understanding Containers!

Session 3

This week we will map a custom domain to our Nextcloud container as well as get it to load over HTTPS using an NGINX Load Balancer!

There are a few links mentioned in the video that will be handy to have available:

Trusted Domains – Nextcloud Installation Documentation

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in Reclaim Cloud – jadin.me

Docker Glossary

As always, don’t forget to reference the glossary for definitions, examples, and a handy command reference!

Week 3 Q&A

Once again, will have our Q&A session again on Friday at 11am ET in the #understanding-containers-voice channel in Discord. See you there!

☑️ For next week

There are a bunch of things on the list this week, but don’t worry, I thought it would be easier to break out things individually. Ask questions in the Discord if you are having trouble with any of this!

Make your Nextcloud load over port 80, instead of 8080

Add an NGINX Load Balancer to your Nextcloud environment

Remove the IP address from your Docker Engine node, and add one to your NGINX Load Balancer

Using the IP address added to the NGINX Load Balancer, map a domain (or more likely, a subdomain) to your Nextcloud environment using an A record

On the NGINX Load Balancer node, use the Let’s Encrypt add-on to get an SSL cert

Fix Nextcloud’s “untrusted domain” issue

Set up automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection on your NGINX Load Balancer

Show off your work! Send a link to your Nextcloud instance in the Discord when you are finished!

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