Session 4: Peertube

Welcome to the fourth session of our Open Media Ecosystems series! This week we’re going to check out Peertube, which is a self-hostable video tool that offers an alternative to Youtube for video hosting and live streaming!

Session 4

In session 4 Taylor and Pilot install Peertube, map a custom domain to it, then explore all of the different options and features it offers!

Watch the session 4 video here:

Mapping a custom domain

One of the things we did in the video was map a custom domain, here are those commands to do that yourself:

cd /root/.env
docker-compose down -v
docker run --rm --name certbot -p 80:80 -v "$(pwd)/docker-volume/certbot/conf:/etc/letsencrypt" certbot/certbot certonly --standalone -d YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME --non-interactive --agree-tos -m YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS;
docker-compose up

More resources

Taylor wrote a blog post about customizing the look of Peertube that you might find useful:

Customizing the look of Peertube –

Here is a link to Peertube’s documentation site:

Peertube documentation

☑️ For next week

Install Peertube on Reclaim Cloud from the marketplace

(Optional) Map a custom domain to Peertube, check out the commands above!

Set up a user account other than root.

Go through your Peertube settings and upload some videos!

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