Session 2: Jitsi

Welcome to the second session of our Open Media Ecosystems series! This week we’re going to check out Jitsi, the self-hostable video conferencing tool!

Session 2

In session 2 Taylor and Amanda talk through talk about what Jitsi is all about, get it installed, and go through some of its calling and recording features!

Watch the session 2 video here:

You can also check out this doc from Virtuozzo to find out more about configuring Jitsi, after install:

Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferencing with Jitsi – Virtuozzo Blog

☑️ For next week

Set up Jitsi using the installer in the Marketplace. Make note of the username and password you’ll need to host a call!

Map a custom domain to Jitsi. You’ll need to point an A record at the IP address for the environment, then use the Domain configuration add-on to get Jitsi to work properly with the new domain. Ask for help in Discord if you have questions on this.

Try Jitsi out! Make a call and ask someone to join you, so you can test things out.

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