Session 3: Mailgun and Email Setup!

We’re in the home stretch! Let’s get mail set up on Ghost.

Session 3

This week, Jim and Pilot talk about Mailgun and get it set up, as well as import members into Ghost!

Watch the session 3 video here:


Join us in Discord Friday, November 18th at 12 PM ET to chat about Ghost! Bring any questions you have. We’ll be in the #hangout-voice channel.


Here’s our main documentation on Ghost on Reclaim Cloud. It’s handy to have around:

Running Ghost on Reclaim Cloud – Reclaim Hosting

Mailgun has an article outlining their Flex plan, which includes 1,000 free emails per month:

What Are the Differences Between the Free and Flex Plans? – Mailgun Help Center

If you are curious about our Ghost installer, how it works, and why we made it, Jim and Taylor did a stream about it a few months ago:

Exploring our new Ghost installer on Reclaim Cloud! –

☑️ For next week

Sign up for a mailgun account. Note that you can uncheck the Add payment info now box to start with a free account, which has the limitation of only being able to send to 5 “authorized emails.” After signup, you will want to upgrade to their Flex plan, which is pay as you go and free for sending less than 1,000 emails a month. The point of signing up this way is, so you don’t have to sign up for a trial that you might forget to cancel and then later get billed for!

Set up Mailgun in your DNS, preferably using a subdomain. Mailgun has instructions in your account, but let us know if you have questions in Discord!

Get Mailgun set up in Ghost using the add-on in Reclaim Cloud.

Set up a few members in Ghost, and send your newsletter!

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