Form of Awesome – Week 4

Last week we did some more work with advanced post creation and looked at options we have to customize Gravity Forms when it won’t do quite what we need. One options was to write our own merge field modifier to get the hyphenated words Jim needed for his tag URL. Another option would be to do it after the fact with javascript. We also revisited the conditional shortcodes that Gravity Forms provides. This enables you to have content when you have it but not have odd empty places when that content is optional.

  • Challenge: Implement some conditional merge tags. Try some more aggressive CSS/HTML combinations or mix in some other shortcode options to make more complex posts. Let me know if you hit any snags or do something amazing in the Discord channel.

This week we’ll be looking at using the web hooks plugin.

  • The language here can be a bit confusing. Keep in mind that WordPress has hooks (specific points in the programming where events can occur) but those are not the same as webhooks (more focused on external tools sending messages to trigger events).

Super Challenge: Take a look at some of the other services you use (Google, Zen Desk, etc.) and see if they have webhook options. Take a shot at using Gravity Forms to trigger an action in an external tool.

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