Form of Awesome – Week 3

The wonder twins bumping fists

The last session was focused on post creation using the Advanced Post Creation plugin. This is an incredibly useful plugin that allows for some really flexible content creation options.

Note: Either use the Advanced Post Creation plugin or use the regular Post Fields. Mixing them leads to confusion and despair. This wasn’t the case previously, but things change and documentation is useful. See note #4 for why Tom was having issues with featured images during the last meeting. You do need to add a file upload field to the form for the featured image option to show up in the Advanced Post Creation view. That kind of thing can be confusing.

Consider experimenting with the following:

  • Add Categories and tags
    • Remember: Use regular or advanced fields and then map them to categories/tags in the Advanced Post Creation view. This will also make conditional logic easier.
    • Challenge: Make the category/tag link to the archive for content with that category/tag using some HTML to make a link and WordPress’s URL structure. You can even combine tags and categories.
  • Set a featured image
    • Add the File Upload advanced field and restrict it to images
    • Map that image to the post’s featured image in the Advanced Post Creation view.
  • HTML/CSS Customization

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