Form of Awesome – Week 2

Here’s what’s on the docket this week:

Catching up:

Make sure to watch last week’s recording if you weren’t able to make the live show. We’re assuming you already have a demo site with Gravity Forms installed, but if not, let us know if you need help getting up and running.

To Do:

We covered a large number of form elements in our first session. We encourage you to try tackling a real-world project where you start to take advantage of what Gravity Forms allows that differentiate it from Google Forms. As you begin building out your own form, we recommend focusing on the following:

Form Feel

  • Use the layout builder to put multiple fields on the same level
  • Use pagination to make the form feel more manageable
  • Challenge: Use a CSS class to call out a particular field visually

Form Function

  • Use the “show values” option to provide functional data for you without compromising context for the person filling out the form
  • Use conditional logic to hide/show content
  • Challenge: Use conditional logic to hide/show a section or page in your form

Form Events

  • Challenge: Explore the Confirmations and Notification options. Look at integrating some of your form data into these responses.

Up Next:

We’ll start next session with about 30min for Q&A and Show & Tell. This will be a great time to bring up any questions or share your work thus far. From there, we’ll jump into what happens after you’ve created the form: submissions, notifications, and confirmations. We’ll also be tackling more sophisticated form posts, category drop-down, working with embedded media, and more! As a reminder, the next live session will be on Thurs 6/16 @ 3pm ET. Mark your calendars, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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