Welcome to Open Media Ecosystems!

Hello and welcome!

We’re really excited to show you how to set up, administer and integrate several open-source media tools over the month and a half, including the web conferencing software Jitsi Meet, the streaming tool Owncast, the video cloud platform PeerTube, and the web radio software Azuracast!

Where do I find stuff?


  • Azuracast – December 8th, 2pm ET
  • Jitsi – December 15th, 10am ET
  • Owncast – December 22nd, 10am ET
  • Peertube – January 5th, 10am ET
  • Pulling it all together – January 12th, 10am ET

Your Computing Environment

We will be using Reclaim Cloud to run these tools, as well as give us all a standardized computing environment to work from. This will also allow us to do things like map a domain, and set up HTTPS.

If you have a Reclaim Cloud account already, you are all set. If you do not have a Reclaim Cloud account already, sign up at reclaim.cloud/signup with a .edu address. If you prefer to sign up with an email address that doesn’t end in .edu, you can instead sign up at reclaim.cloud/private-signup and enter the code reclaim4life.

I hope to see you all around in the Discord, and see you for the first session!

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  1. […] Open Media Ecosystem blitz hosted by Reclaim Edtech kicked off last week. Amanda Schmidt and I got the series started by highlighting the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Hows of the free and open source software Azuracast. You can watch this session that not only features how to install Azuracast on Reclaim Cloud, but also the impressive interface for radio broadcasting from the browser using WebDJ. The series is meant as an overview of several open source software projects dealing with media, and Azuracast is near and dear to my heart given it has been powering ds106radio since 2020. […]

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